Because our interest is to integrate the concept of beauty to that of health, providing each professional the ability to evolve, transforming their salon into a place of global health that puts man health, and the planet at the center of its ethic operated.

This means providing our partner events, not just a product, but a way of proceeding and conceiving beauty, through a continuous evolutionary training program, to develop specific skills and customer empathy addressed as a whole. Paying attention to health does not mean sacrificing style, rather than maintain a flexible approach that allows keeping maximum stylistic creativity in constant respect of the person.
woman ethic


The concept of HEAD SPA comes from the desire to provide a comfortable experience for the customer, but also the optimum working environment for the professional, ethical logic that puts everyone in the same plane of enjoyment. Create a place where you can experience relaxation and harmony is not an impossible challenge, but a daily choice made by those who want to turn their passion into a profession.
Unique furniture, made with taste and craftsmanship, clever use of detail, and constant attention for perfect ergonomics aimed at both the client and the professional. In this new concept of Head Spa we put the person in the center in its entirety, providing in addition to a stylistic service, a system aimed at total well-being, offering through our treatments and massages, a moment of pure regeneration.

An Organethic Salon is a concept before a place, a way of conceiving one's professionalism. A set of choices aimed at bringing maximum comfort both to the client and to the professional, inserted in a productive and harmonious environment:


Guarantees the client high standards of professionalism and quality

Offers the possibility to create your own style at 360 °

An environment with attention to the smallest details

Reassures the customer and also makes him feel comfortable

Expresses the excellence of Italian culture

Exclusive furniture and accessories: unique and targeted solutions

Management training and advice for optimal salon management